Workshops for creative adults and kids

Beginning January 2024, Masterskaya evolves into Capybara Clay & Art Studio. We invite you to join us under our new name for an enhanced creative experience!

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Workshop spaces

Clay    Wood workshop    Art

Every workshop space has two options: classes 4-5pm and independent work 5-7pm. There are no levels or age groups — adults and children 7+ are welcome!


Hand-sculpting 6+

Students of all levels feel equally comfortable in this space. Beginners will learn hand-sculpting techniques, such as pinch pots, slab construction, and coil building. Our supportive environment will help to develop a strong foundation in joining clay pieces and using sculpting tools.

In a few months, everyone will have the skills and confidence to create functional and decorative pieces on their own. Advanced-level students will improve their sculpting techniques, explore various glazing possibilities, and unlock their creativity.

We offer: 1-hour group classes, independent work, private group events

Pottery wheel 8+

We have guided classes for adults or kids 10+ with step-by-step instructions. Students will learn how to pre-center their clay, basic techniques, and tools. As a result, everyone can make one piece (vase, cup, or bowl) during the class.

We offer: private lessons, group classes

Wood workshop 7+

For all levels, ages (and genders!). Students can make projects from simple materials and basic electronics. Beginners learn how to use basic tools (saw, hammer, screws, pliers, glue gun), measure, the ways to connect different types of materials. They gain crucial experience in building complex systems from simple elements.

Those who want to improve their skills and learn how to use soldering iron or powered tools (jigsaw, drill press, drills and screwdrivers, cardboard cutter) can take 1-on-1 introduction lessons. Students can work in a group on the project of the week or on their own project.

We offer: 1-hour group classes, independent work, private lessons

Materials provided: wood and plywood, nails and screws, sturdy cardboard, wire, tape, motors, batteries, LEDs, switches, variety of recycled stuff.

Art 6+

Everyone, both adults and children, can experiment with colors, shapes and textures. Every week we prepare new projects so that students have the opportunity to try different techniques: drawing, painting, collage, and more. We set the theme and provided all the materials needed for this project.

Students can work in a group on the project of the week or on their own project. We want to make art closer to everyone: so that students get more new artistic experiences, and not be afraid of mistakes and failures.

We offer: 1-hour group classes, independent work, private group events

Materials provided: a variety of paper (colored, textured, etc.), cardstock paper, pastels, pencils, watercolor, acrylic, markers, brushes, glue