Workshop for creative adults and kids

How it all works

Masterskaya - is made up of three distinct stations: Handicrafts, the Clay Room, and the Wood Workshop.

Every member has the freedom to choose any station and any project.

  1. We offer weekly projects in each station, with examples, materials, and instructions.
  2. You can choose to create your own variation based on existing projects.
  3. You can also create something entirely up to your imagination, using the materials given and any help from our staff.

You're welcome to take a break from creating at any time: you can play a board game, draw, sing, utilize our music room, or just hang out with friends.

Every station has a leader that can help with any projects or questions you may have.

We are open from 4 pm to 7 pm. You can spend as much time as you would like: come for an hour, or for the entire time.

What to expect

Skills. Molding, glazing, painting, sewing, knitting, cutting, gluing, soldering, sawing, drilling, and so on.

Experience. Planning your work and learning to adapt. Make mistakes and learn. Asking for help and helping others.

Philosophy. Set goals independently and achieve them.

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How to sign up

Subscription. Monthly subscription for 1 or 2 visits per week from $16 per hour. Family members can be added to the plan at a 50% discount.

One-day pass. A single visit for the day costs $75 ($25 per hour), an additional family member costs $37.

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