Workshops for creative adults and kids

Beginning January 2024, Masterskaya evolves into Capybara Clay & Art Studio. We invite you to join us under our new name for an enhanced creative experience!

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Our four workshop spaces are available for adults and kids 7+. You have the freedom of choice between Clay, Art, and Wood workshop with a combination of classes and independent work. Get inspired by our ideas, or bring your own. We provide tools, materials, and guidance :)

Interesting historical fact: Masterskaya is located in the Bandley 1 building, which housed Apple Computer's headquarters back in 1978. Yeah, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak once worked within these walls. Learn more

What to expect

Skills. Molding, glazing, painting, cutting, gluing, soldering, sawing, drilling, and more skills that everyone should know.

Social experience. Planning your work and learning to adapt. Make mistakes and learn. Asking for help and helping others.

Balance. Keep balance between independent and guided work

Philosophy. Set goals and achieve them.

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