Workshops for creative adults and kids



The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving is an adult engineering science; it is not taught to children in its pure form. On the other hand, TRIZ-pedagogy classes are successfully conducted. Children who learn this method are inventive and independent, able to reason and analyze. TRIZ is a whole system of techniques, which children will be introduced to step by step:

Step 1: Development of creative thinking, imagination techniques.

Step 2: Mastering systemic, functional thinking.

Step 3: Study of algorithms of problem solving.


Day of week     Time          Ages     
Tuesday4-5 pm8-10
Wednesday5-6 pm11-14
Thursday4-5 pm11-14
Sunday5-6 pm8-10
Sunday6-7 pm11-14

per month
Hosted by Ekaterina Nechaeva
  • Ages 7—13
  • Small friendly groups
  • Russian speaking practice


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