Workshops for creative adults and kids

Beginning January 2024, Masterskaya evolves into Capybara Clay & Art Studio. We invite you to join us under our new name for an enhanced creative experience!

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Art and spatial thinking for 3-5 y.o.

This course combined both – art and spatial thinking. We consider this as a perfect combination that jump-starts creativity and is linked to success in math and science.

Art focuses on developing fine motor skills, cultivating an open mind, and curiosity about art. Kids explore painting, drawing, clay building, and mixed media.

Visual-spatial (3D) thinking allows you to perceive the world as multidimensional, representing three-dimensional objects and rotating them in your mind, transferring their projections to a plane. Our course includes special exercises, games and didactic materials to develop all these skills.

3-hour groups

Monday–Saturday, 9:00-12:00
Subscription: $276/mo. – one day per week ($69/day)
Drop-in: $79/day

Before you subscribe, we suggest to take 1-on-1 introduction lesson. It's a chance for your kid to meet a teacher, do some assignments, and see the space. We'll refund the intro lesson fee after your first monthly payment. Price: $20 for 30 minutes.